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section 113(1)
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113(1) Where a person who is or will be a person against whom a prohibition order is made establishes to the satisfaction of a competent authority that (a) the person needs a firearm or restricted weapon to hunt or trap in order to sustain the person or the personís family, or (b) a prohibition order against the person would constitute a virtual prohibition against employment in the only vocation open to the person, the competent authority may, notwithstanding that the person is or will be subject to a prohibition order, make an order authorizing a chief firearms officer or the Registrar to issue, in accordance with such terms and conditions as the competent authority considers appropriate, an authorization, a licence or a registration certificate, as the case may be, to the person for sustenance or employment purposes.

no-jail-for-crack-cocaine-traffickingThe typical range of punishment for a drug trafficking offence involving crack cocaine is jail, beginning with a first offenders of six months. In this particular case, the Crown made submissions for a sentence of one year in jail. Mr. Lewandowski was able to distinguish the case, and spare the client this fate. Instead, a sentence of six months house arrest was imposed, despite numerous aggravating features that the Court recognized.

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