section 117.07(2)


117.07 (2) In this section, "public officer" means (a) a peace officer; (b) a member of the Canadian Forces or of the armed forces of a state other than Canada who is attached or seconded to any of the Canadian Forces; (c) an operator of a museum established by the Chief of the Defence Staff or a person employed in any such museum; (d) a member of a cadet organization under the control and supervision of the Canadian Forces; (e) a person training to become a police officer or a peace officer under the control and supervision of (i) a police force, or (ii) a police academy or similar institution designated by the Attorney General of Canada or the lieutenant governor in council of a province; (f) a member of a visiting force, within the meaning of section 2 of the Visiting Forces Act, who is authorized under paragraph 14(a) of that Act to possess and carry explosives, ammunition and firearms; (g) a person, or member of a class of persons, employed in the federal public administration or by the government of a province or municipality who is prescribed to be a public officer; or (h) the Commissioner of Firearms, the Registrar, a chief firearms officer, any firearms officer and any person designated under section 100 of the Firearms Act.