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2. In this Act, “justice” means a justice of the peace or a provincial court judge, and includes two or more justices where two or more justices are, by law, required to act or, by law, act or have jurisdiction;

breach-of-trust-fraudGenerally, conditional jail sentences are not available for cases in which an employee steals from their employer. These cases are called "breaches of trust" - and this is an aggravating factor that militates towards the imposition of a jail sentence. In this case, Paul Lewandowski was able to successfully advocate for a conditional jail sentence, on a $120,000.00 fraud due to a shopping addiction.
extra-judicial-punishment-on-sentencingIn cases where police misconduct is present, but may not be sufficient to support of stay of proceedings remedy, there are other legal avenues that may be pursued. In this particular case, the concept of "extra-judicial punishment" was used to soften the sentence. In essence, the fact that the client suffered an excessive beating at the hands of the police mitigates the sentence, since punishment has already been imposed.
licence-resinstated-after-wrongful-convictionUpon conviction for an impaired driving, over 80, refusal to provide sample or DUI offence, the accused's licence gets automatically suspended by the Province of Ontario, in addition to a mandatory "prohibition" from driving for a minimum term of a year. In this case, the accused approached Paul Lewandowski for his appeal. Mr. Lewandowski successfully petitioned the appeal court to re-instate the client's licence pending the outcome of the appeal, allowing the client to maintain his employment as the Appeal process proceeded.


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