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section 278.7(3)
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278.7(3) Where the judge orders the production of the record or part of the record to the accused, the judge may impose conditions on the production to protect the interests of justice and, to the greatest extent possible, the privacy and equality interests of the complainant or witness, as the case may be, and any other person to whom the record relates, including, for example, the following conditions: (a) that the record be edited as directed by the judge; (b) that a copy of the record, rather than the original, be produced; (c) that the accused and counsel for the accused not disclose the contents of the record to any other person, except with the approval of the court; (d) that the record be viewed only at the offices of the court; (e) that no copies of the record be made or that restrictions be imposed on the number of copies of the record that may be made; and (f) that information regarding any person named in the record, such as their address, telephone number and place of employment, be severed from the record.

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