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section 433
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433 Every person who intentionally or recklessly causes damage by fire or explosion to property, whether or not that person owns the property, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life where (a) the person knows that or is reckless with respect to whether the property is inhabited or occupied; or (b) the fire or explosion causes bodily harm to another person.

malicious-ex-making-up-allegationsWhen a person is criminally charged for the first time, they are often shocked to learn that they could potentially be convicted based on nothing more than the word of one or two witnesses. In this respect, your choice in lawyer is your most vital decision, since it is only through meticulous cross-examination - questioning - that the truth is going to be exposed. In this case, a mid-trial acquittal was garnered in this exact way - when the malicious ex was exposed.
house-arrest-for-arsonThe Crown requested a four year penitentiary sentence for an accused convicted on a planned and deliberate arson charged that endangered the lives of many people, and caused over $1.3 million in damage. Mr. Lewandowski produced a flawless casebook and supporting materials and was able to secure a conditional jail sentence - a period of house arrest. The client successfully completed the sentence and didn't spend a single day in jail.

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