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section 462.42(1)
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462.42(1) Any person who claims an interest in property that is forfeited to Her Majesty under subsection 462.37(1) or (2.01) or 462.38(2) may, within thirty days after the forfeiture, apply by notice in writing to a judge for an order under subsection (4) unless the person is (a) a person who is charged with, or was convicted of, a designated offence that resulted in the forfeiture; or (b) a person who acquired title to or a right of possession of the property from a person referred to in paragraph (a) under circumstances that give rise to a reasonable inference that the title or right was transferred from that person for the purpose of avoiding the forfeiture of the property.

use-of-force-during-arrestA stay of proceedings is granted online in "the rarest of cases." In this case, Mr. Lewandowski demonstrated that the excessive use of force used during the arrest was such a case. After a preliminary inquiry where the officers were contradicted internally and externally, the Crown made the right decision, and stayed the charge on the eve of trial.
licence-resinstated-after-wrongful-convictionUpon conviction for an impaired driving, over 80, refusal to provide sample or DUI offence, the accused's licence gets automatically suspended by the Province of Ontario, in addition to a mandatory "prohibition" from driving for a minimum term of a year. In this case, the accused approached Paul Lewandowski for his appeal. Mr. Lewandowski successfully petitioned the appeal court to re-instate the client's licence pending the outcome of the appeal, allowing the client to maintain his employment as the Appeal process proceeded.

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