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section 486.3(1)
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486.3(1) In any proceedings against an accused, on application of the prosecutor or a witness who is under the age of eighteen years, the accused shall not personally cross-examine the witness, unless the judge or justice is of the opinion that the proper administration of justice requires the accused to personally conduct the cross-examination. The judge or justice shall appoint counsel to conduct the cross-examination if the accused does not personally conduct the cross-examination.

use-of-force-during-arrestA stay of proceedings is granted online in "the rarest of cases." In this case, Mr. Lewandowski demonstrated that the excessive use of force used during the arrest was such a case. After a preliminary inquiry where the officers were contradicted internally and externally, the Crown made the right decision, and stayed the charge on the eve of trial.
drug-trafficking-acquittedBeing able to trap police officers in their own lies is not an easy task. If an officer is intent on fudging details or omitting vital information - it can be done. In this particular case, the officers attempted to do that. Thankfully, Mr. Lewandowski was able to use the two officers involved against each other, and the truth surfaced - as did an acquittal on a charge of trafficking $120,000.00 worth of opiates.

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