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section 488.1(3)
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488.1(3) Where a document has been seized and placed in custody under subsection (2), the Attorney General or the client or the lawyer on behalf of the client, may (a) within fourteen days from the day the document was so placed in custody, apply, on two days notice of motion to all other persons entitled to make application, to a judge for an order (i) appointing a place and a day, not later than twenty-one days after the date of the order, for the determination of the question whether the document should be disclosed, and (ii) requiring the custodian to produce the document to the judge at that time and place; (b) serve a copy of the order on all other persons entitled to make application and on the custodian within six days of the date on which it was made; and (c) if he has proceeded as authorized by paragraph (b), apply, at the appointed time and place, for an order determining the question.

dangerous-offender-proceedingsCommentary regarding the dangerous offender and long-term offender provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.
malicious-ex-making-up-allegationsWhen a person is criminally charged for the first time, they are often shocked to learn that they could potentially be convicted based on nothing more than the word of one or two witnesses. In this respect, your choice in lawyer is your most vital decision, since it is only through meticulous cross-examination - questioning - that the truth is going to be exposed. In this case, a mid-trial acquittal was garnered in this exact way - when the malicious ex was exposed.

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