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section 490.029(1)
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490.029(1) The Attorney General or the person who applied for a termination order may appeal from a decision of the court made under subsection 490.027(1) on any ground of appeal that raises a question of law or of mixed law and fact. The appeal court may dismiss the appeal, or allow it and order a new hearing, quash the termination order or make an order that may be made under that subsection.

false-criminal-accusationsA discussion about the concept of false allegations - where a client is falsely accused of a criminal offence - and the impact it has on the criminal justice system. Mr. Lewandowski discusses how difficult it can be to separate the false accusations from the legitimate ones, and how important your choice in lawyer is to this end.
no-jail-for-crack-cocaine-traffickingThe typical range of punishment for a drug trafficking offence involving crack cocaine is jail, beginning with a first offenders of six months. In this particular case, the Crown made submissions for a sentence of one year in jail. Mr. Lewandowski was able to distinguish the case, and spare the client this fate. Instead, a sentence of six months house arrest was imposed, despite numerous aggravating features that the Court recognized.

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