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section 515(4)
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515(4) The justice may direct as conditions under subsection (2) that the accused shall do any one or more of the following things as specified in the order: (a) report at times to be stated in the order to a peace officer or other person designated in the order; (b) remain within a territorial jurisdiction specified in the order; (c) notify the peace officer or other person designated under paragraph (a) of any change in his address or his employment or occupation; (d) abstain from communicating, directly or indirectly, with any victim, witness or other person identified in the order, or refrain from going to any place specified in the order, except in accordance with the conditions specified in the order that the justice considers necessary; (e) where the accused is the holder of a passport, deposit his passport as specified in the order; (e.1) comply with any other condition specified in the order that the justice considers necessary to ensure the safety and security of any victim of or witness to the offence; and (f) comply with such other reasonable conditions specified in the order as the justice considers desirable.

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