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section 528(1)
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528(1) Where a warrant for the arrest or committal of an accused, in any form set out in Part XXVIII in relation thereto, cannot be executed in accordance with section 514 or 703, a justice within whose jurisdiction the accused is or is believed to be shall, on application and proof on oath or by affidavit of the signature of the justice who issued the warrant, authorize the arrest of the accused within his jurisdiction by making an endorsement, which may be in Form 28, on the warrant.

domestic-assaultsAn overview of Paul Lewandowski's approach to defending people charged with a domestic assault in criminal court.
sexual-assault-reducedIt is unfortunately, no unusual for a complainant with a mental illness to imagine assaults that never occurred. The problem with such witnesses, is that they honestly believe their memories to be true, but in reality, they are not. In this case, the complainant has imagined - in a drug induced stupor - that she had been raped. During cross-examination by Paul Lewandowski, she admitted that she couldn't tell fiction from fantasy. The sexual assault charge was reduced to a simple assault. The client was given a conditional discharge, and was spared a criminal record.

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