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section 540(5)
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540(5) Where the evidence is taken down by a stenographer appointed by the justice or pursuant to law, it need not be read to or signed by the witnesses, but, on request of the justice or of one of the parties, shall be transcribed, in whole or in part, by the stenographer and the transcript shall be accompanied by (a) an affidavit of the stenographer that it is a true report of the evidence; or (b) a certificate that it is a true report of the evidence if the stenographer is a duly sworn court stenographer.

dangerous-offender-status-avoidedA dangerous offender designation is the most serious penalty in Canadian criminal law. Such a finding means that the offender may never be released from prison. In this case, the Crown pursued this application. Instead of life in prison, Mr. Lewandowski had the client released in one year.
excessive-use-of-forceThe charges against a man were withdrawn after Paul Lewandowski exposed the excessive use of force used by police during the arrest.
breach-of-trust-fraudGenerally, conditional jail sentences are not available for cases in which an employee steals from their employer. These cases are called "breaches of trust" - and this is an aggravating factor that militates towards the imposition of a jail sentence. In this case, Paul Lewandowski was able to successfully advocate for a conditional jail sentence, on a $120,000.00 fraud due to a shopping addiction.

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