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section 551.1(1)
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551.1(1) On application by the prosecutor or the accused or on his or her own motion, the Chief Justice or the Chief Judge of the court before which a trial is to be or is being held or the judge that the Chief Justice or the Chief Judge designates may, if he or she is of the opinion that it is necessary for the proper administration of justice, appoint a judge as the case management judge for that trial at any time before the jury selection, if the trial is before a judge and jury, or before the stage at which the evidence on the merits is presented, if the trial is being heard by a judge without a jury or a provincial court judge.

mandatory-jail-sentence-avoidedWith few exceptions, the Criminal Code requires that the Court impose a custodial sentence on an impaired driving, over 80 or DUI charge for a second time offender. However, there are technical ways of avoiding this otherwise mandatory prison sentence. With careful analysis of your case and a good advocate, jail can be avoided - even when a statutory mandatory minimum says otherwise.
bail-reverse-onus-in-firearms-casesA discussion concerning reverse-onus provisions, that mandate that an accused "show cause" why they should be released from bail pending their trial, when a firearm offence is alleged.

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