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section 568
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568 Even if an accused elects under section 536 or re-elects under section 561 or subsection 565(2) to be tried by a judge or provincial court judge, as the case may be, the Attorney General may require the accused to be tried by a court composed of a judge and jury unless the alleged offence is one that is punishable with imprisonment for five years or less. If the Attorney General so requires, a judge or provincial court judge has no jurisdiction to try the accused under this Part and a preliminary inquiry must be held if requested under subsection 536(4), unless one has already been held or the re-election was made under subsection 565(2).

impeachment-fodderThe rape shield laws prohibit the introduction of many clearly relevant pieces of information on sexual assault cases. This entry discusses how impeachment fodder is obtained to ensure successful cross-examination of a complainant, ensuring the truth isn't lost to legislated blindness.
cabbie-vindicated-after-sex-charge-dismissedA taxi driver was acquitted of sexual assault before a judge and jury in Ottawa after a devastating cross-examination of the complainant by criminal defence lawyer Paul Lewandowski.

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