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section 573.1(1)
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573.1(1) An application for review may be made by the Attorney General or the accused, or by any person directly affected by the decision or order, to a judge of the Court of Appeal of Nunavut in respect of a decision or order of a judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice (a) relating to a warrant or summons; (b) relating to the conduct of a preliminary inquiry, including an order under subsection 548(1); (c) relating to a subpoena; (d) relating to the publication or broadcasting of information or access to the court room for all or part of the proceedings; (e) to refuse to quash an information or indictment; or (f) relating to the detention, disposal or forfeiture of any thing seized under a warrant or order.

all-other-offences-under-the-criminal-code-of-canadaPaul Lewandowski defends anyone charged with any criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Excise Tax Act, Securities Act, Competition Act, Trademark Act.
extra-judicial-punishment-on-sentencingIn cases where police misconduct is present, but may not be sufficient to support of stay of proceedings remedy, there are other legal avenues that may be pursued. In this particular case, the concept of "extra-judicial punishment" was used to soften the sentence. In essence, the fact that the client suffered an excessive beating at the hands of the police mitigates the sentence, since punishment has already been imposed.

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