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section 601(1)
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601(1) An objection to an indictment preferred under this Part or to a count in an indictment, for a defect apparent on its face, shall be taken by motion to quash the indictment or count before the accused enters a plea, and, after the accused has entered a plea, only by leave of the court before which the proceedings take place. The court before which an objection is taken under this section may, if it considers it necessary, order the indictment or count to be amended to cure the defect.

criminal-defence-lawyerA summary of the types of criminal defence legal services offered by Paul Lewandowski Professional Corporation.
not-guilty-by-reason-of-tax-painOnce a file is reviewed, a strategy must be developed to maximize the chances of an acquittal. In this tax evasion case, a novel approach was used that helped spare the client jail - and from a false conviction.
breach-of-trust-fraudGenerally, conditional jail sentences are not available for cases in which an employee steals from their employer. These cases are called "breaches of trust" - and this is an aggravating factor that militates towards the imposition of a jail sentence. In this case, Paul Lewandowski was able to successfully advocate for a conditional jail sentence, on a $120,000.00 fraud due to a shopping addiction.

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