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section 631(3)
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631(3) If the array of jurors is not challenged or the array of jurors is challenged but the judge does not direct a new panel to be returned, the clerk of the court shall, in open court, draw out one after another the cards referred to in subsection (1), call out the number on each card as it is drawn and confirm with the person who responds that he or she is the person whose name appears on the card drawn, until the number of persons who have answered is, in the opinion of the judge, sufficient to provide a full jury and any alternate jurors ordered by the judge after allowing for orders to excuse, challenges and directions to stand by.

conditional-sentenceAn examination of section 742.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada which sets out the conditional sentencing regime.
drug-trafficking-acquittedBeing able to trap police officers in their own lies is not an easy task. If an officer is intent on fudging details or omitting vital information - it can be done. In this particular case, the officers attempted to do that. Thankfully, Mr. Lewandowski was able to use the two officers involved against each other, and the truth surfaced - as did an acquittal on a charge of trafficking $120,000.00 worth of opiates.

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