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section 672.74(4)
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672.74(4) Unless it is contrary to an order of the court of appeal or any applicable rules of court, the appellant shall provide the court of appeal and the respondent with a transcript of any evidence taken before a court or Review Board by a stenographer or a sound recording apparatus, certified by the stenographer or in accordance with subsection 540(6), as the case may be.

licence-resinstated-after-wrongful-convictionUpon conviction for an impaired driving, over 80, refusal to provide sample or DUI offence, the accused's licence gets automatically suspended by the Province of Ontario, in addition to a mandatory "prohibition" from driving for a minimum term of a year. In this case, the accused approached Paul Lewandowski for his appeal. Mr. Lewandowski successfully petitioned the appeal court to re-instate the client's licence pending the outcome of the appeal, allowing the client to maintain his employment as the Appeal process proceeded.
over-80-253bThe charge of driving while "over 80" is found in section 253(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada. Paul Lewandowski discusses the types of defences available to these types of charges, and his approach to mounting a successful defence.
smith-falls-criminal-lawyerPaul Lewandowski is a criminal lawyer who accepts cases in Smith Falls Ontario

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