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section 715(2)
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715(2) Evidence that has been taken on the preliminary inquiry or other investigation of a charge against an accused may be admitted as evidence in the prosecution of the accused for any other offence on the same proof and in the same manner in all respects, as it might, according to law, be admitted as evidence in the prosecution of the offence with which the accused was charged when the evidence was taken.

break-and-enterPaul Lewandowski analyses section 348 of the Criminal Code of Canada which sets out the offence of breaking and entering. Reference is made to the punishments available and the distinction between offences committed in dwelling homes versus those committed in commercial establishments.
aggravated-assaultDomestic assault charges are almost invariable of the "he said she said" variety. Unfortunately, due to prevailing myths about domestic abuse, it is almost always the man that gets charged. In this case, the husband was charged with an aggravated assault, for allegedly causing injuries to his spouse. The Crown wanted two to three years of jail as punishment. After cross-examination, a plea resolution was arranged. The sentence was reduced from three years, to a mere thirty days.

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