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section 718.3(4)
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718.3(4) The court or youth justice court that sentences an accused may direct that the terms of imprisonment that are imposed by the court or the youth justice court or that result from the operation of subsection 734(4) or 743.5(1) or (2) shall be served consecutively, when (a) the accused is sentenced while under sentence for an offence, and a term of imprisonment, whether in default of payment of a fine or otherwise, is imposed; (b) the accused is found guilty or convicted of an offence punishable with both a fine and imprisonment and both are imposed; (c) the accused is found guilty or convicted of more than one offence, and (i) more than one fine is imposed, (ii) terms of imprisonment for the respective offences are imposed, or (iii) a term of imprisonment is imposed in respect of one offence and a fine is imposed in respect of another offence; or (d) subsection 743.5(1) or (2) applies.

mandatory-minimum-sentencesThe concept of mandatory minimum sentences is explained. Their increasing use and their dubious utility is discussed.
mandatory-jail-sentence-avoidedWith few exceptions, the Criminal Code requires that the Court impose a custodial sentence on an impaired driving, over 80 or DUI charge for a second time offender. However, there are technical ways of avoiding this otherwise mandatory prison sentence. With careful analysis of your case and a good advocate, jail can be avoided - even when a statutory mandatory minimum says otherwise.

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