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section 742.3(1)
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742.3(1) The court shall prescribe, as conditions of a conditional sentence order, that the offender do all of the following: (a) keep the peace and be of good behaviour; (b) appear before the court when required to do so by the court; (c) report to a supervisor (i) within two working days, or such longer period as the court directs, after the making of the conditional sentence order, and (ii) thereafter, when required by the supervisor and in the manner directed by the supervisor; (d) remain within the jurisdiction of the court unless written permission to go outside that jurisdiction is obtained from the court or the supervisor; and (e) notify the court or the supervisor in advance of any change of name or address, and promptly notify the court or the supervisor of any change of employment or occupation.

avoiding-firearms-offences-mandatory-minimumsA man accused of attempted murder by way of firearm was initially facing a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in the penitentiary. After a successfully conducted preliminary inquiry wherein the Crown witnesses were widely contradicted, a plea bargain was arranged and the client plead to lesser included offences, sparing him form even a single day in jail.
charter-compliance-and-the-accusedA brief analysis of police misconduct and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the tools that can be used to defend a case or mitigate sentence.

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