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751 The person in whose favour judgment is given in proceedings by indictment for defamatory libel is entitled to recover from the opposite party costs in a reasonable amount to be fixed by order of the court.

licence-resinstated-after-wrongful-convictionUpon conviction for an impaired driving, over 80, refusal to provide sample or DUI offence, the accused's licence gets automatically suspended by the Province of Ontario, in addition to a mandatory "prohibition" from driving for a minimum term of a year. In this case, the accused approached Paul Lewandowski for his appeal. Mr. Lewandowski successfully petitioned the appeal court to re-instate the client's licence pending the outcome of the appeal, allowing the client to maintain his employment as the Appeal process proceeded.
charges-reducedMany offences under the Criminal Code of Canada have "lesser and included offences." A classic example of this is the offence of sexual assault, which has as a "lesser and included offence", a charge of assault simpliciter. The difference between a conviction on a sexual assault, and a simple assault can be immense, particularly on sentence. In this case, Mr. Lewandowski was able to have a charge reduced at the preliminary inquiry stage, sparing the client from having to register as a sex offender.

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