section 752


752 In this Part, "designated offence" means (a) a primary designated offence, (b) an offence under any of the following provisions: (i) paragraph 81(1)(a) (using explosives), (ii) paragraph 81(1)(b) (using explosives), (iii) section 85 (using firearm or imitation firearm in commission of offence), (iv) section 87 (pointing firearm), (iv.1) section 98 (breaking and entering to steal firearm), (iv.2) section 98.1 (robbery to steal firearm), (v) section 153.1 (sexual exploitation of person with disability), (vi) section 163.1 (child pornography), (vii) section 170 (parent or guardian procuring sexual activity), (viii) section 171 (householder permitting sexual activity by or in presence of child), (ix) section 172.1 (luring child), (ix.1) section 172.2 (agreement or arrangement sexual offence against child), (x) subsection 212(1) (procuring), (x.1) subsection 212(2) (living on avails of prostitution of person under eighteen), (xi) subsection 212(2.1) (aggravated offence in relation to living on avails of prostitution of person under 18), (xii) subsection 212(4) (prostitution of person under 18), (xiii) section 245 (administering noxious thing), (xiv) section 266 (assault), (xv) section 269 (unlawfully causing bodily harm), (xvi) section 269.1 (torture), (xvii) paragraph 270(1)(a) (assaulting peace officer), (xviii) section 273.3 (removal of child from Canada), (xix) subsection 279(2) (forcible confinement), (xx) section 279.01 (trafficking in persons), (xx.1) section 279.011 (trafficking of a person under the age of eighteen years), (xxi) section 279.1 (hostage taking), (xxii) section 280 (abduction of person under age of 16), (xxiii) section 281 (abduction of person under age of 14), (xxiv) section 344 (robbery), and (xxv) section 348 (breaking and entering with intent, committing offence or breaking out), (c) an offence under any of the following provisions of the Criminal Code, chapter C-34 of the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1970, as they read from time to time before January 1, 1988: (i) subsection 146(2) (sexual intercourse with female between ages of 14 and 16), (ii) section 148 (sexual intercourse with feeble-minded), (iii) section 166 (parent or guardian procuring defilement), and (iv) section 167 (householder permitting defilement), or (d) an attempt or conspiracy to commit an offence referred to in paragraph (b) or (c).