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section 769
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769 Where a surety for a person has rendered him into custody and that person has been committed to prison, the provisions of Parts XVI, XXI and XXVII relating to judicial interim release apply, with such modifications as the circumstances require, in respect of him and he shall forthwith be taken before a justice or judge as an accused charged with an offence or as an appellant, as the case may be, for the purposes of those provisions.

solicitation-for-the-purpose-of-prostitution-213The offence of solicitation for the purpose of prostitution is undergoing a significant transition. Following the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in the Bedford case, Parliament has modified the provisions and underlying mechanisms to deal with prostitution.
sexual-assault-juryCommon sense dictates that it would be difficult to defend a man accused of sexual assault against two separate women. In this case, however, Mr. Lewandowski was able to secure an acquittal by demonstrating that the witnesses colluded against the man for an ulterior purpose.
identity-theftAn examination of identify theft in Canada, and a discussion of how Ottawa has become known as a "hot spot" for these types of crimes. An overview of the types of criminal penalties available at law on these types of crimes is also included.

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