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section 83.28(5)
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83.28(5) An order made under subsection (4) shall order the examination, on oath or not, of the person named in the order and require the person to attend at the place fixed by the judge, or by the judge designated under paragraph (b), as the case may be, for the examination and to remain in attendance until excused by the presiding judge, and may (a) order the person to bring to the examination any thing in their possession or control, and produce it to the presiding judge;(b) designate another judge as the judge before whom the examination is to take place; and (c) include any other terms or conditions that the judge considers desirable, including terms or conditions for the protection of the interests of the person named in the order and of third parties or for the protection of any ongoing investigation.

breach-of-trust-fraudGenerally, conditional jail sentences are not available for cases in which an employee steals from their employer. These cases are called "breaches of trust" - and this is an aggravating factor that militates towards the imposition of a jail sentence. In this case, Paul Lewandowski was able to successfully advocate for a conditional jail sentence, on a $120,000.00 fraud due to a shopping addiction.
testifying-in-a-trialA criminal lawyer discusses how to testify in court and some techniques that will best ensure that the truth is presented in a way that makes sense to the judge.

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