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section 83.31(1)
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83.31 (1) The Attorney General of Canada shall prepare and cause to be laid before Parliament and the Attorney General of every province shall publish or otherwise make available to the public an annual report for the previous year on the operation of sections 83.28 and 83.29 that includes (a) the number of consents to make an application that were sought, and the number that were obtained, by virtue of subsections 83.28(2) and (3); (b) the number of orders for the gathering of information that were made under subsection 83.28(4); and (c) the number of arrests that were made with a warrant issued under section 83.29.

extra-judicial-punishment-on-sentencingIn cases where police misconduct is present, but may not be sufficient to support of stay of proceedings remedy, there are other legal avenues that may be pursued. In this particular case, the concept of "extra-judicial punishment" was used to soften the sentence. In essence, the fact that the client suffered an excessive beating at the hands of the police mitigates the sentence, since punishment has already been imposed.
appealsAn overview of Paul Lewandowski's approach to conducting appeals of criminal convictions and sentence appeals. An appeal may be launched in the Superior Court of Justice or the Ontario Court of Appeal, and in rare cases, even all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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