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section 83.31(3)
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83.31(3) The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness shall prepare and cause to be laid before Parliament and the Minister responsible for policing in every province shall publish or otherwise make available to the public an annual report for the previous year on the operation of section 83.3 that includes (a) the number of arrests without warrant that were made under subsection 83.3(4) and the period of the arrested personís detention in custody in each case; and (b) the number of cases in which a person was arrested without warrant under subsection 83.3(4) and was released (i) by a peace officer under paragraph 83.3(5)(b), or (ii) by a judge under paragraph 83.3(7)(a).

murderAn overview of Paul Lewandowski's approach to defending people charged with murder in Ontario.
malicious-ex-making-up-allegationsWhen a person is criminally charged for the first time, they are often shocked to learn that they could potentially be convicted based on nothing more than the word of one or two witnesses. In this respect, your choice in lawyer is your most vital decision, since it is only through meticulous cross-examination - questioning - that the truth is going to be exposed. In this case, a mid-trial acquittal was garnered in this exact way - when the malicious ex was exposed.

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