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section 830(1)
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830(1) A party to proceedings to which this Part applies or the Attorney General may appeal against a conviction, judgment, verdict of acquittal or verdict of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder or of unfit to stand trial or other final order or determination of a summary conviction court on the ground that (a) it is erroneous in point of law; (b) it is in excess of jurisdiction; or (c) it constitutes a refusal or failure to exercise jurisdiction.

cpdOur firm strives to stay ahead of the curve. In addition to attending local mandatory required CPD sessions, we make a point of reaching beyond our borders and learning from international experts in criminal law. This allows us to bring incorporate new skills, techniques and trends that are being used around the globe.
avoiding-firearms-offences-mandatory-minimumsA man accused of attempted murder by way of firearm was initially facing a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in the penitentiary. After a successfully conducted preliminary inquiry wherein the Crown witnesses were widely contradicted, a plea bargain was arranged and the client plead to lesser included offences, sparing him form even a single day in jail.

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