section 487.1(5)


487.1(5) A justice referred to in subsection (1) who is satisfied that an information submitted by telephone or other means of telecommunication (a) is in respect of an indictable offence and conforms to the requirements of subsection (4), (b) discloses reasonable grounds for dispensing with an information presented personally and in writing, and (c) discloses reasonable grounds, in accordance with subsection 256(1) or paragraph 487(1)(a), (b) or (c), as the case may be, for the issuance of a warrant in respect of an indictable offence, may issue a warrant to a peace officer conferring the same authority respecting search and seizure as may be conferred by a warrant issued by a justice before whom the peace officer appears personally pursuant to subsection 256(1) or 487(1), as the case may be, and may require that the warrant be executed within such time period as the justice may order.