section 490.018(1)


490.018(1) When a court or appeal court makes an order under section 490.012, it shall cause (a) the order to be read by or to the person who is subject to it; (b) a copy of the order to be given to that person; (c) that person to be informed of sections 4 to 7.1 of the Sex Offender Information Registration Act, sections 490.031 and 490.0311 of this Act and section 119.1 of the National Defence Act; and (d) a copy of the order to be sent to (i) the Review Board that is responsible for making a disposition with respect to that person, if applicable, (ii) the person in charge of the place in which that person is to serve the custodial portion of a sentence or is to be detained in custody as part of a disposition under Part XX.1, if applicable, (iii) the police service whose member charged that person with the offence in connection with which the order is made, and (iv) the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.