section 495(2)


495(2) A peace officer shall not arrest a person without warrant for (a) an indictable offence mentioned in section 553, (b) an offence for which the person may be prosecuted by indictment or for which he is punishable on summary conviction, or (c) an offence punishable on summary conviction, in any case where (d) he believes on reasonable grounds that the public interest, having regard to all the circumstances including the need to (i) establish the identity of the person, (ii) secure or preserve evidence of or relating to the offence, or (iii) prevent the continuation or repetition of the offence or the commission of another offence, may be satisfied without so arresting the person, and (e) he has no reasonable grounds to believe that, if he does not so arrest the person, the person will fail to attend court in order to be dealt with according to law.