section 717(1)


717(1) Alternative measures may be used to deal with a person alleged to have committed an offence only if it is not inconsistent with the protection of society and the following conditions are met: (a) the measures are part of a program of alternative measures authorized by the Attorney General or the Attorney Generals delegate or authorized by a person, or a person within a class of persons, designated by the lieutenant governor in council of a province; (b) the person who is considering whether to use the measures is satisfied that they would be appropriate, having regard to the needs of the person alleged to have committed the offence and the interests of society and of the victim; (c) the person, having been informed of the alternative measures, fully and freely consents to participate therein; (d) the person has, before consenting to participate in the alternative measures, been advised of the right to be represented by counsel; (e) the person accepts responsibility for the act or omission that forms the basis of the offence that the person is alleged to have committed; (f) there is, in the opinion of the Attorney General or the Attorney Generals agent, sufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution of the offence; and (g) the prosecution of the offence is not in any way barred at law.