section 732.2(3)


732.2(3) A court that makes a probation order may at any time, on application by the offender, the probation officer or the prosecutor, require the offender to appear before it and, after hearing the offender and one or both of the probation officer and the prosecutor, (a) make any changes to the optional conditions that in the opinion of the court are rendered desirable by a change in the circumstances since those conditions were prescribed, (b) relieve the offender, either absolutely or on such terms or for such period as the court deems desirable, of compliance with any optional condition, or (c) decrease the period for which the probation order is to remain in force, and the court shall thereupon endorse the probation order accordingly and, if it changes the optional conditions, inform the offender of its action and give the offender a copy of the order so endorsed.