section 184.2(2)


184.2(2) An application for an authorization under this section shall be made by a peace officer, or a public officer who has been appointed or designated to administer or enforce any federal or provincial law and whose duties include the enforcement of this or any other Act of Parliament, ex parte and in writing to a provincial court judge, a judge of a superior court of criminal jurisdiction or a judge as defined in section 552, and shall be accompanied by an affidavit, which may be sworn on the information and belief of that peace officer or public officer or of any other peace officer or public officer, deposing to the following matters: (a) that there are reasonable grounds to believe that an offence against this or any other Act of Parliament has been or will be committed; (b) the particulars of the offence; (c) the name of the person who has consented to the interception; (d) the period for which the authorization is requested; and (e) in the case of an application for an authorization where an authorization has previously been granted under this section or section 186, the particulars of the authorization.