section 499(2)


499(2) In addition to the conditions for release set out in paragraphs (1)(a), (b) and (c), the officer in charge may also require the person to enter into an undertaking in Form 11.1 in which the person, in order to be released, undertakes to do one or more of the following things: (a) to remain within a territorial jurisdiction specified in the undertaking; (b) to notify a peace officer or another person mentioned in the undertaking of any change in his or her address, employment or occupation; (c) to abstain from communicating, directly or indirectly, with any victim, witness or other person identified in the undertaking, or from going to a place specified in the undertaking, except in accordance with the conditions specified in the undertaking; (d) to deposit the persons passport with the peace officer or other person mentioned in the undertaking; (e) to abstain from possessing a firearm and to surrender any firearm in the possession of the person and any authorization, licence or registration certificate or other document enabling that person to acquire or possess a firearm; (f) to report at the times specified in the undertaking to a peace officer or other person designated in the undertaking; (g) to abstain from (i) the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or (ii) the consumption of drugs except in accordance with a medical prescription; and (h) to comply with any other condition specified in the undertaking that the officer in charge considers necessary to ensure the safety and security of any victim of or witness to the offence.