Ban on publication, limitation to access or use of information Barrel Length Being unlawfully in dwelling-house Bench warrant Bestiality in Presence of or by Child Bestiality Betting, pool-selling, book-making, etc. Bigamy Blood alcohol level over legal limit death Blood alcohol level over legal limit bodily harm Bodily harm Bona Fide Exception Books and documents Breach of recognizance Breach of long-term supervision Breach of condition Breach of order Breaking and entering with intent, committing offence or breaking out Breach of Trust by Public Officer Breaking and Entering to Steal Firearm Breach of duty British Columbia Bringing before justice Bringing into Canada property obtained by crime Bringing accused before Review Board Bribery of Officers Bribery of Judicial Officers, etc. Broker reducing stock by selling for his own account Burden of proving exception, etc. Burden of proof Burden of proof Burden of proof