Mailing Obscene Matter Majority vote Making, having or dealing in instruments for counterfeiting Making Making of probation order Making false document Making Sexually Explicit Material Available to Child Making Automatic Firearm Making of Order Management order Manitoba and Alberta Manner of giving notice Manner of giving notice Manner of giving notice Manner of appearance Mandatory order on application Management order Manner of giving notice Manner of appearance Mandatory review of dispositions Mandatory pre-trial hearing for jury trials Mandatory life prohibition Mandatory order of prohibition death Mandatory order of prohibition bodily harm Mandatory order of prohibition street racing Mandatory order of prohibition Manslaughter Manslaughter Manner in which application to be kept secret Mandatory Prohibition Order Manner of giving notice Marriage contrary to law Material Benefit Matters of Defence Matters to be considered by the court Matters to be considered on hearing Matters not material Maximum length of long-term supervision Maximum period for detention of witness Maximum duration of extensions Maximum number Meaning of default of payment Meaning of Attorney General Meaning of consent Meaning of Competent Authority Meaning of Holder Meaning of Participating or Contributing Memo of conviction or order Members of Review Board Military stores Minimum that can be accepted Minimum punishment Minister shall be a party Minister and Review Board entitled to access Minimum absolute prohibition period Minimum punishment Minimum punishment Ministerial authorization Mischief in relation to cultural property Mischief relating to religious property Mischief Mischief in relation to data Misleading receipt Misappropriation of money held under direction Mistrial rulings binding at new trial Mistakes not material Mistake of Age Mistake of Age Misconduct of Officers Executing Process Mistaken identity Modification of recognizance Mode of Expression Mode of trial if two or more accused Nunavut Mode of trial when two or more accused Moneys found on offender Moneys found on offender Money or other valuable security to be deposited with justice Moneys in possession of accused may be taken Monthly report More than one offence More than one offence Motor vehicle theft Motives are Irrelevant Motion to vary or set aside Multiple orders Multiple sentences Municiple Corruption Murder reduced to manslaughter Murder criminal organization Murder- terrorist activity Murder of peace officer, etc. Murder in commission of offences Murder