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section 553
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553 The jurisdiction of a provincial court judge, or in Nunavut, of a judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice, to try an accused is absolute and does not depend on the consent of the accused where the accused is charged in an information (a) with (i) theft, other than theft of cattle, (ii) obtaining money or property by false pretences, (iii) unlawfully having in his possession any property or thing or any proceeds of any property or thing knowing that all or a part of the property or thing or of the proceeds was obtained by or derived directly or indirectly from the commission in Canada of an offence punishable by indictment or an act or omission anywhere that, if it had occurred in Canada, would have constituted an offence punishable by indictment, (iv) having, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, defrauded the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security, or (v) mischief under subsection 430(4), where the subject-matter of the offence is not a testamentary instrument and the alleged value of the subject-matter of the offence does not exceed five thousand dollars; (b) with counselling or with a conspiracy or attempt to commit or with being an accessory after the fact to the commission of (i) any offence referred to in paragraph (a) in respect of the subject-matter and value thereof referred to in that paragraph, or (ii) any offence referred to in paragraph (c); or (c) with an offence under (i) section 201 (keeping gaming or betting house), (ii) section 202 (betting, pool-selling, book-making, etc.), (iii) section 203 (placing bets), (iv) section 206 (lotteries and games of chance), (v) section 209 (cheating at play), (vi) section 210 (keeping common bawdy-house), (vii) [Repealed, 2000, c. 25, s. 4] (viii) section 393 (fraud in relation to fares), (viii.01) section 490.031 (failure to comply with order or obligation), (viii.02) section 490.0311 (providing false or misleading information), (viii.1) section 811 (breach of recognizance), (ix) subsection 733.1(1) (failure to comply with probation order), (x) paragraph 4(4)(a) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or (xi) paragraph 5(3)(a.1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

identity-theftAn examination of identify theft in Canada, and a discussion of how Ottawa has become known as a "hot spot" for these types of crimes. An overview of the types of criminal penalties available at law on these types of crimes is also included.
drug-trafficking-acquittedBeing able to trap police officers in their own lies is not an easy task. If an officer is intent on fudging details or omitting vital information - it can be done. In this particular case, the officers attempted to do that. Thankfully, Mr. Lewandowski was able to use the two officers involved against each other, and the truth surfaced - as did an acquittal on a charge of trafficking $120,000.00 worth of opiates.

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